Please enjoy these videos where our Founder, Nina O’Neal talks with members about their time in the network, specifically about their experiences with specific events or programs. You will get a chance to learn more about our members and the network!

To watch a member’s video, click on their photo and enjoy!



Nina O’Neal talks with Tami McDonald about her experience in the Mentorship Program in the first Member Testimonial video.

Tami is the Founder of Brookstone Wealth Management in Columbus, GA. She is an industry veteran with a passion for helping others. Her commitment to her clients and peers is not only as a financial advisor but as a coach, teacher and mentor in the world of wealth management. She’s a dedicated volunteer and community leader and, she believes in making the world a better place, starting with where she lives and works.




Nina O’Neal talks with Teresa Milner about her experience at the Inaugural Invest in YOU Retreat in this Member Testimonial video.

Teresa is a Wealth Advisor at Carson Wealth Management Group. She believes that having a caring trusted professional on her client’s side side, who understands what they are going through is invaluable. Teresa’s journey developed and shaped a deeply instilled passion in her to help as many women as she can navigate life’s transitions.  


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