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Podcast 24: By Women, For Women: Insights from the Female Advisor Network

Female Advisor Network Founder, Nina O’Neal, discusses how her interest in creating a retreat for female advisors blossomed into a nationwide community, and today the network is proud to help female advisors connect and grow their businesses while encouraging more women to join the industry.

Nina also shares her tips for both male and female advisors to create a more welcoming culture for women investors.



Andrea McGrew

UnNiched was created with the intention of dismantling the notion that women are simply a niche market and addresses some of the biggest challenges that face professional women working in the financial services industry. This podcast offers content and conversations centered around improving relationships with others and inspiring the opportunity for self-reflection. To be UnNiched is to drive the entire industry forward and positively impact the conversations men and women in the financial profession have with their staff, peers and the clients they serve.



Women Rocking Wallstreet

Episode 63: Battling Inequality Through Words Guest: Kelly Shikany

Kelly’s first experience with gender inequality occurred while she was working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Although she loved her job (in the late 80’s) it was not a female friendly workplace. Treated differently by colleagues as well as clients (some weren’t even interested in hearing a women’s voice), Kelly accepted both at the time because of the experience she was gaining. Kelly was aware what was going to happen and accepted it because she wanted the experience. However, today Kelly is glad to see that there has been substantial progress when it comes to women’s rights and has made it her mission to help mentor the next generation.